Worksman Mover Heavy Duty Industrial Tricycles

The Mover M2626 & M2020 set the global standard for heavy duty industrial tricycles. This incredibly functional and durable Industrial Tricycle is hard at work at companies around the world including pulp and paper mills, automotive manufacturers, airlines, energy plants, and many more.


The Mover comes in two base models: the M2626 has 26" wheels all around, and the M2020 has 20" wheels. Both of these are available with 1-speed (M2626-CB / M2020-CB) or 3-speed (M2626-3CB / M2020-3CB) Coaster Brake.


Standard features are:

● Front hand drum brake

● Back pedal coaster brake

● Large rear steel platform

● 26" Heavy duty steel wheels

● Large saddle

● Standard air tires & tubes

● Easy step over steel frame design

● 500lb capacity for rider and cargo

Rear Cabinet with Door

- Regular 23"x23"x12",

58.4x58.4x30.5cm  #M17350

- Jumbo 23"x23"x17",

58.4x58.4x43.2cm #M17350J

Rear Perforated Steel Basket

23"x23"x12" ,  58.4x58.4x30.5cm

Powder coated black


Front Handlebar Mount Mesh Bakset

13.5"x25.5"x8.5"   34.5x22.5x22cm


Rear Steel Chrome Plated Mudguards

#MSF26 or MSF20

Orange Safety Flag



WTC Airless Cushion Technology


Made from puncture proof

polyurethane foam

No more flat tubes!


Chrome "Ding-Dong" Chime Bell

80mm Diameter


Blub-type squeeze Horn


Hornit Electronic Horns

Hornit 140dB #GEBE-HT

Hornit Mini, Light with 25 Sounds


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